Eggy Noodles

A healthy and quick veggie dinner that will please even the fussiest eaters   Imagine this: you spent the entire day rushing between school runs, the shops, work, house admin chores and an afternoon playdate and now you have 15 minutes to get dinner on the table before your kids enter the 'overtired zone'. Sounds... Continue Reading →

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Why do they do it?

A Colombian mum’s view on separating families at the US border We’ve all seen the news about the US separating families at the Texas border. If you live in America you have probably been bombarded with information about immigrants from Latin American countries who enter the US with the intention to ask for asylum. But... Continue Reading →

Courgette and Aubergine salad

This salad is just perfect for summer! I had something similar at an Italian restaurant once and the aubergine (Eggplant?) was soaked in olive oil, which spoiled the salad for me because it made it richer and heavier when it should have been fresh and crispy. The texture of aubergine when it's been soaked in... Continue Reading →

Wild rice with lentils

This recipe is one for wholefoods lovers! This rice doesn't take much effort and because all the ingredients come together in a very indulgent mix, it is also a good one for children and toddlers. Super versatile, this rice can be eaten on its own or as a side dish to anything else. I reckon... Continue Reading →

Fresh, nutty and cheesy pesto

There are a few things in life that, once you try the 'real one', you can never go back. Pesto is definitely one of them. I leave to your imagination the others. This recipe is a winner on all levels. The yield is fantastic so it can save you money. You can alter the flavour... Continue Reading →

Salmon Niçoise salad

  I know there are many good versions of a niçoise salad online, all of which are worth a try, but I thought to share how I make mine because, although it probably doesn’t resemble an authentic French niçoise – je suis désolé - , it’s a great midweek dinner alternative; super healthy, fresh, quick... Continue Reading →

Colombian carne desmechada (shredded beef)

Who doesn’t like a good BBQ right? There’s something about the entire BBQ experience that suggests good weather, good friends, good times ♫ ♫ But, unless you are willing to buy everything processed, BBQ’s can be faffy and time consuming. Well, fear not! I have the perfect alternative for you. Also a great choice if... Continue Reading →

Teriyaki salmon

  I really love informal meals that allow you to 'dig in' and share with your loved ones. I think they make the dining experience much more enjoyable and encourage you to relax and interact with each other. I also think sharing meals can be a valuable learning opportunity for children. Little ones get to... Continue Reading →

Family meal plan May 2018

We all know planning our meals ahead can save us time and money, or at least #mealprep hashtaggers keep telling us so. And I agree, it can be a wonderful thing when trying to eat healthier and reduce food waste at home. It also speeds up your shopping trip, an absolute live saver when you... Continue Reading →

Papas chorreadas

  This is my own take on a Colombian classic. When I was at school we had the most amazing school dinners - I realise now we were incredibly lucky - and we used to fight over these. We would trade our pudding with someone younger or new to the school for their portion of... Continue Reading →

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