Family meal plan May 2018

We all know planning our meals ahead can save us time and money, or at least #mealprep hashtaggers keep telling us so. And I agree, it can be a wonderful thing when trying to eat healthier and reduce food waste at home. It also speeds up your shopping trip, an absolute live saver when you shop with two hungry and overstimulated children.

However, in reality we don’t always find the time to put a meal plan together or follow it in detail. If you are a parent, I suspect you spend your weekends trying to fit in house chores, family wholesome activities, 1-2-1 time with each child (yeah right!), marriage saving evenings and a bit of socialising with friends. Unfortunately, meal planning tends to take a back burner.

This is why I wanted to post my own meal plans, whenever I get round to doing one. To help you eat healthy and varied at home, whether you are meat eater, vegetarian, pescatarian, or you follow any specific diet. You’ll also find all the recipes in my blog as the month progresses.

Please let me know in your comments if I’m doing a good job, or if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see. I’ve only included dinners for simplicity, but you can find lots of breakfast and lunch ideas in my Instagram feed.

Also please share my meal plan with your friends and family. The more the merrier!

So here’s my meal plan for May.

Veggie Fish/seafood Slow cooked Main meal Pic nic
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Veggie chilli tacos and guac Teriyaki salmon, rice, brocoli and pack choi Slow cooked red chicken thighs, sweet potato wedges and salad Spag bol Bits and pieces
Green lentils, halloumi and couscous Salmon nicoise Meatballs linguine Lebanese lamb hotpot and greens Bits and pieces
Red lentil linguine Prawn, squid and chorizo paella Caribbean beef stew with rice and salad Salmon, coconut rice and stir fry greens Bits and pieces
Chinese curry noodles broth with tofu Mediterranean sole and roasties BBQ chicken, greens, corn on the cob and mash Quinoa ‘con pollo’ (chicken) Bits and pieces
Veggie curry with rice Salmon stir fry with rice Jacket potatoes topped with chicken stroganoff and salad Burgers with all the bits Bits and pieces




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