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Hi! I’m Maria

This is me with D (4) and T (2)


Born in Colombia, South America, married to a Scotsman and mum of two wonderful children, I’ve created this blog because I want to share with you my passion for food, health and wellbeing.

I have experienced first-hand how incredibly challenging healthy eating can be at every stage of my life. When it was just me as a young adult in London, pretending to be cool (I never really managed) I spent the little cash I had on booze and weekends away… ah those days! Luckily I was also a foodie so I learned to produce exciting and nutritious meals for one on a tight budget. Suddenly, it was two of us, with different tastes and preferences for food and double the temptation to order a takeaway and cozy up in front of the TV every day. Again we adapted and found a balance and boom, we became four. That’s when the real trouble began.

When we started weaning our first-born it was heaven and our mini food critic loved everything I produced. Naturally, being a first time parent I decided my job was done and I was absolutely winning at this parenting thing! Very quickly my little bundle of joy turned one and became a… toddler!! How naive I was. He literally screamed murder every time I presented him with anything that had any sort of nutritional value at all. It didn’t help that I became pregnant again and all I fancied was buttery pasta, chocolate and bread. We also had to move around a bit, from York to Glasgow, to Colombia, and finally Poole, turning his entire world upside down repeatedly, which made him even more stubborn every time he had a chance.

My granny Alicia and my dad. How beautiful was she?

But my son’s stubbornness was inherited from me, and I wasn’t going to give up easily. When I was growing up in Colombia, food was an incredibly important part of my life. I was lucky enough to have a strong bond with both my grandmothers, who were wonderfully loving women that adored food. One, a dairy farmer and the other a Middle Eastern descendant very skilful in the kitchen, they were the glue that kept our families together. They managed this by gathering every one of us around their table for a feast at the slightest chance.

My granny Sole and me. Mum I’ll never forgive you for that outfit and hairstyle!

My four brothers and I never had specially tailored children’s food and the idea of a children’s menu was unheard of when we dined out. I realise now what a legacy that was in my life. I developed healthy habits and a taste for nutritious food without even realising, because it was the norm at home. It never felt like a chore or a cross on our backs. Now as a mother, I want the exact same thing for my children. I want them to appreciate food with the same gratitude and passion that I do. I never want to see them on a ‘diet’, unless of course they are medically required to do so, and I want them to enjoy the incredible privilege that it is to have access to delicious nourishing and varied foods.

So my kids will eat a lot more than fish fingers. Nothing wrong with having them occasionally I must add, but they’ll learn to enjoy a lot more stuff. Even if sometimes, they chose not to eat what I offer. They are individuals and as such it’s up to them to decide what and how much they want to eat. But they’ll be offered a varied diet because I feel that’s my responsibility as a parent. And also because I absolutely love to have exciting food at home.

I really hope you find my blog helpful and if you have any suggestions or ideas for me please feel free to get in touch!

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